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Customized With Backwoods Style Cheap!!!..

Save MOOLAH on your next Truck or SUV. Want to find a REPO?

We have over 20 years of expierence in finding great deals!!!


Every month, hundreds of trucks, off-road vehicles become government and bank property through various seizure and surplus laws. Because the inventory of vehicles is large and the expense to store them is enormous, consumers may find amazing deals.

If you are looking to buy an off-road vehicle, here is your opportunity to purchase vehicles at low prices. Once you click one of our links on our site, you can view the listings of auctions, anytime, day or night.

Sometimes you might be the only bidder, so remember to start your bidding as low as possible. Above is an example of the types of vehicles and other vehicles often available: We also get access to free koozies and free merchandise, hoodies, t-shirts, etc., basically free gear.

Make This Truck Yours Today

Want This Truck?-View Complete Listing Here

2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000EPS

Less thank 2,000 miles

Est. Value: $16,118

Current Bid: $5,200

Located in Minnesota

Cheap Trucks For Sale...

Allow us to repeat, every day thousands of vehicles are repossessed by banks, title pawn companies, and other types of lenders. These vehicles are often sold at deep discounts off of retail values and they are sold online Monday through Friday (and some Saturdays) via one of our partners who use online auction technologies to help lenders and others liquidate their inventory. Click one of our buttons at the top or bottom of the page to see the inventory.

Repo SUV For Sale:

1995 Chevrolet Tahoe (custom accessories)

Here is the latest REPO we will spotlight. Check it out- 196,000 miles

5.7L V8 Motor, runs & drives great, minor scratches & dents.

Current bid: $2,250


(buy damaged or repossessed SUV's)


We have mentioned recently that we will be updating you on some great repo’s for sale that you don’t wanna miss out on. This repossessed Jeep Rubicon Unlimited is no exception. Check it out!!!

Estimated value: $23, 254

4×4 Rubicon package with locking differentials

3.8 six-cylinder motor

Manual transmission

VIN: 1J4BA6H17BL******

(buy repossessed or damaged Jeeps)

Founded in 2001 by truck owners for truck owners, Backwoods Trucks is a day to day One-Stop Marketplace for all things custom and lifted. We understand what accessories cost and we understand what your unique ride is worth. It all started on the backroads and tailgates for us and that’s exactly what drives us from day to day operations. We are committed to our fans and our sponsors. We are committed to finding your great deals on Customized off-road vehicles.

Check back often as we strive daily to provide you with up to date information on the latest Repo's, recovered and online auction's for trucks, Jeeps, SUV's and UTV's.

Businesses Want to Leverage Our Access?

Promote your brand, business, product(s), service(s) or event directly to our vast network of trucks enthusiasts from all over the globe. Some typical partnership opportunities: (include but not limited to)

• Tap into the massive reach of our classifieds and put your business in front of many of our site visitors

• Over 1.5 million unique visitors (eyeballs) to our site yearly

• Access specific audiences with our special targeting social media boosts

• Build content-rich branding with the help of our integrated resource network of experts

Please contact us if you are interested in Partnership opportunities with US and exploring ways your business can benefit from our uniquely powerful position in the custom lifted vehicles community.

Please view an excerpt photo from our latest boost post which ran for only 5 days. Your business could be & would be tagged as a “brought to you by” sponsor.

Please contact us here to have a no obligation conversation.

"Testimony from a fan that listed his truck on our site: I have to admit I was very skeptical about listing my truck on your site from the beginning as I’ve tried some of the free classified sites out there on the internet with no success. However I placed an ad on your site as I wanted my truck spotlighted and it’s already received over 30k views and I’ve received phone calls from buyers all over the United States. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the future looks promising. It will be both a sad and happy day when I sell my pride and joy."


 S.U.V.'s For College!!!

Repo's For Sale Cheap... is a community made for fans that love their Backwoods roots to include their obsessions that can't be tamed with regards to Motorsports. We feature blogs and forums about the Backwoods mentality and living the "Good Ole' Life" outdoors to include "Gettin Dirty."

If you want to view great deals on customizable trucks, SUV's and unique automobiles please check out our blog. We also offer news & the latest deals on repo, damaged or recovered custom off-road vehicles which can found within the United States. Most are available for purchase.

If you want to advertise with us and reach thousands of die hard passionate fans, we are currently accepting advertisers on our site as well as donations.

We currently receive thousands of unique visitors on average a month and it is steadily increasing. If you are interested in advertising or for a free consultation on building a Backwoods style truck with Backwoodstrucks please contact us here:

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